Hindi Practice – Meri Chutti ki Kahani

Maine aur mere dost ne ek Europe trip kiya.

Sabse pehle hum Paris ko dekhne gaye. Paris me humne boat tour liya aur Eiffel Tower ke pas photos click kiye.

Agle subah hum train se Switzerland ko gaye. Hum ruke sundar gav me, Interlaken uska naam hai. Interlaken ke aas pas shandaar pahad hain. Hum Jungfraujoch ko gaya, jaise “Top of Europe” kehte hain.

Hume Switzerland bahut accha laga.

Switzerland ke baad, hum Venice ko gaye. har jagah me pani pani hai. Sach me, Venice bahut sundar aur asadharan tha lekin kuch samay ke baad sab dukan, sab restaurant, sab sadak ek saman lag raha tha.

Humne Venice ko alvida kaha, phir night train se Rome ko gaye. Baap re! Night train bahut hi bhayankar tha. Itna asuvidhajanak tha. Hum so nahi sake.

Jab hum Rome me pahunche, bahut thake the. Hume karib do ghante lage hamara hotel doondne ke liye.

Hum Rome me bus tour liya aur sab zaruri sights dekha. Colosseum bahar se kamaal laga lekin andar se thoda sa nirashajanak tha.

Sab milakar hume Italy acchi nahi laga. Voh bhi khana muskil tha. Sirf pizza ya pasta har jagah milta hai. Shakahari log ke liye Italy accha jagah nahi hai.

Main chahti hu ki ek din Switzerland ko wapas jau. Mujhe umeed hai ki Nachi mere saath bhi aaega.

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Drifting Away

I feel you drifting away from me
It’s been so long since we shared
And relaxed just being ourselves
So easy in each other’s company

It’s not time that has cast us adrift,
Nor distance that can be measured by land
Nor harsh words or cruel deeds
Or anything I can understand

To me, you are like pretty flotsam bobbing on a melancholy sea
Beautiful debris, not truly broken, just scattered, fragmented
Floating sometimes closer and sometimes further from me

But lately, you have drifted so strangely far
I am terrified of losing sight of you
Of watching you drift to that other shore
And never coming back to me

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Night Flight

Snakes of light winding aimlessly below
Dark, empty patches of non-light
Scattered carelessly
Random and untidy amongst
Dots of yellow and orange cluttered together
Sometimes with red, sometimes with green
A disorderly patchwork of light and dark

Inside a steady hum
Continuous and mingled
With ocassional coughs and shuffles
And muffled mumbles
Restless movement, increasingly impatient
Intermittent snoozing
Woken by infrequent bumps and shakes
And the offer of food and water
Shifting to find a comfortable position
Minutes later, shifting again

Outside, above and below gradually
Lose darkness
As daybreak awakens
Engulfing all
Bright sun, high above the clouds
Beaming a welcome home to returning friends
And bestowing warm greetings
Upon those who come to visit

Inside the restless snoozers stir
Many for the last time as sleep is abandoned
They give up, sensing their journey is coming to an end
More coughs and mutterings accompany the droning hum
As shutters slide open and light streams in
Through the tiny windows

Pretty blankets of green patchwork
Now stretch idly below
Random resting houses nestled amongst them
Slender rivers dance in playful wanderings

Descending lower, the green fields
Are joined by groups of dwellings cuddled together
Met by patterns of roads which flow
Neatly amongst them

Gazing through the window
The fields and houses seem to grow
And tiny cars come into sight
Appearing to swim slowly along tarmac rivers

Closer and lower until all below
Looks familiar once more
A little thump and bounce
As the earth is embraced like an old friend
Easing slowly to a standstill
And I am home

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Friends are Better than Lovers

Next time someone lies to you
Remember I am always honest

Next time someone betrays you
Remember I am always loyal

Next time someone makes you cry
Remember I am here to make you smile

Next time someone messes with your mind
Remember I never play games

Next time someone breaks your heart
Remember that I’ll never hurt you

Next time someone lets you close
Then pushes you away
Remember I will keep you close for as long as you want

Next time someone lets you down
Remember I will always be there when you need me

Next time you find you’ve wasted time with someone
Remember I will never waste your time

Next time someone says they love you
Then changes their mind
Remember I will always love you

Next time someone leaves you
Remember I will always stay

I will always be here
So remember me
And treat me kind
Because I’ll never let you down
And I’ll never leave you behind

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These Wings of Mine

These wings of mine
Can no longer fly
My feathers, dirty, tired and worn
A cheerful song I can no longer sing
A tattered little bird am I

I once soared high with beady eye
Surveying all with eagerness
Carefree in flight
I found delight
In little pleasures of simpleness

My nest was my sanctuary
All I needed was there
No fears had I
Nor worries nor cares

In those days of happy flight
Of bright plumage
And vibrant song
I wish I’d known then
How lucky I really was

If only then I could have glimpsed
Beyond those carefree days
To see this forlorn tattered bird
Sat pensive here today

If only then I could have seen
How time would lift me in the wind
And carry me so swiftly
That I would barely see it pass

Perhaps then I would have cherished
Those moments of joyous flight
And would not now feel
Such sad longing
For those days of graceful wings
And feathers soft and bright

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Not Letting Go

I don’t want this moment to end
I don’t want my smile to fade
I don’t want to lose this happy feeling
But I have no control
Over this moment

It’s not a moment I own
I just receive with pleasure
Not knowing when it will end
Not wanting it to

If only I could string these wonderful moments together
Forming an endless line of smiles and laughter
Which would then encircle me
And bind me, holding me together
So I can never fall apart again.

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I cannot fall, I am safe
Though I feel dizzy

The warmth surrounds me and protects me
Forming a barrier against all external forces

In this cocoon all is calm
All is right and all is good

Relaxed, I forget that I am breathing
So contented am I in this blissful haven

Every part of me has surrendered
To this force I so gladly receive

I feel as if I am softly falling
Drifting gently, peacefully

I hold on, happy to never let go
Wishing time would stand still

But time never does

And all too soon is this sweet peace ended
When you release me from your soothing embrace

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